Geraldine Cleary


Geraldine Cleary’s home in Brisbane, Australia (known as the “D House”) was carefully designed in partnership with Donovan Hill Architects to facilitate multiple configurations of relationships, as well as activities and events. The modest project was the recipient of the 2001 Robin Boyd Award, Australia’s most prestigious residential architecture prize. This feature was included in The Kinfolk Home, a home interiors book focused on slow living. 

The Kinfolk Home welcomes readers into 35 homes around the world that reflect some of the key principles of slow living: cultivating community, simplifying our lives and reclaiming time for what matters most. With 289 full-color photographs spanning 368 pages, the New York Times best seller The Kinfolk Home is a detailed exploration into living spaces from the United States, Scandinavia, Asia and more. Through a mix of portrait and interior photography, profiles and essays, we visit the homes of designers, entrepreneurs, architects, photographers and stylists.

"The atmosphere of the house as a whole is calming, uplifting and comforting, and the changes in the light and shadows from morning to night and from one season to the next are sustaining.” –Geraldine Cleary


Photographer Sharyn Cairns, Writer Rachel Eva Lim, Art Director Anja Verdugo, Creative Director Nathan Williams, Editorial Director Amy Woodroffe, Editor Georgia Frances King


Selected Work